Pinnacle ActionCOACH is a business and executive coaching company based in Southwest Ohio with offices serving Cincinnati, Dayton, Springfield, Northern Kentucky and surrounding areas.  We are energized by our more than 100 years of diverse business experience, always growing and improving with our clients, our teammates and our communities.

Pinnacle ActionCOACH founders Bruce Henderson - Mike Gannon - Gonzalo Herrera

Pinnacle ActionCOACH founders Gonzalo Herrera, Bruce Henderson and Mike Gannon

We are widely acknowledged as the best resource for inspiring and accelerating success, growth, and the performance of your business and the integration with your personal life and goals. We are sought after for our opinions, wisdom, knowledge, and skills to join boards, lead community events, and contribute to improving the well-being of our region.

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Time is always something in short supply as a business owner.  Let our Coaches show you how to reclaim your time and ensure you are working on your business…not in it.  Click the link below to schedule time with one our our coaches now.

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