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“I have been working with the team at Pinnacle ActionCOACH for 3 months now and could not be happier with the results I have seen in my business.  We simply could not figure out how to grow and scale our model and product offering.  Pinnacle listened and really took the time to understand what we were trying to do; I could see they cared about our success.  

The Pinnacle team found that we didn’t have a solid operational foundation that could support any growth and together we fixed it!  Thanks to Pinnacle ActionCOACH, we are at a place where we can soundly take on new customers and keep them.   I would tell any business owner or leader to connect with Pinnacle and just have a conversation.  Thank you ActionCOACH Team!”



Michael spine

founding partner –  3rd curve

“Bruce’s obvious Executive experience, skill, and his insights from those experiences, has helped me to develop a second division, for a project near and dear to my heart.  I acquired and grew a marketing company.  

However, developing a product and getting it to market is an entirely different matter.  Bruce’s coaching is giving me the executive perspective to minimize errors and risk.  Looking forward to product launch in the near-term!”



“I recently got to the place where I want to take my business to the next level. I joined one of ActionCOACH’s programs, and I realized that I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants. They teach you practical tools and strategies that you can implement in your business immediately.”



“Over the past 4 months, ActionCOACH has taught us more actual strategies on growth and change of the company more than anyone in the past. We want to say thank you so much and look forward to a great future of growing our businesses together.”



“I have been working with Mike Gannon for the past 9 months. He is incredible and really cares about you and your business. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Mike really takes the time to teach you how to build profit in your business.”

Jason Byers

Just Call Jason

“In three short months, Mike has helped me transition from individual contributor to business leader at my company. He helped me realize that perspective and action are essential to leading a high-performing team. Together, we’ve been able to navigate shark-infested waters to move my company forward in the right direction. I look forward to taking the next steps with Mike and would highly recommend him to any business leader looking to take their company to the next level.”

Nick Schubert

Lendly Financial

“I would highly recommend the ActionClub workshop to everyone that needs to grow their business skills! The class is high energy and packed with information that will help every leader enhance their business. I appreciate Gonzalo’s practical and focused approach to coaching. He provides information that is applicable to every business.”

Tammy Laine

Concession TV

“I would like to thank my Action Coach, Gonzalo, in helping me with my business. He’s brought awareness to me on where my business is and where I want it to go. He is helping me set goals and educating me with strategies and plans to get there. I’m super excited about 2020! Thanks again Gonzalo for your expertise , compassion and accountability!”

Dr. Joseph Lindeman

Elite Chiropractic

“I would highly recommend ActionCOACH’s business coaching program to any business owner that is not satisfied with where they are. I have never seen the amazing “simplification” of business anywhere else. I now know I have the resources to take my business to the next level.”



“I’ve had a BIG vision for an idea that required…everything that I am not gifted at. It was crippling me from moving forward successfully. Then, the Lord brought ActionCOACH and their coaching gift into my life, and my vision is now becoming a reality. I highly recommend you invest in coaching with ActionCOACH…your business and peace of mind cannot afford not to!”



“Mike Gannon has served as a member of our company’s advisory board since 2008. He has been a tremendous asset in helping our company navigate through and grow stronger from many challenges over the last 12 years, including the 2008 recession, a major restructuring of our retail business, and most recently the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. 

Mike has helped me to grow as a leader and strengthen my business through his combination of strategic thinking and leadership coaching. Over the last 10+ years he has helped with everything from individual personnel issues and marketing challenges to companywide strategic and long range planning.”

Wm. Kyle Natorp

CEO/President – Natorp’s Inc.

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