1. “I Just Need More Customers!”
     Whether COVID is the sole reason or a part of it, we understand. Many business owners see this as their biggest pressing concern. Here’s the good news – our coaches have been through a lot of business swings and we have over 300+ different growth and profit building strategies to expand and adapt with any market condition (including marketing tactics to drive in new customers!). While customer growth is always an indicator of business strength, know there are always core foundational items we can help you implement to make every customer also be more profitable. Better margins, more frequent returns, expense management, etc – working together on the top and bottom line is the key to long term success!
  2. “I Just Don’t Have the Time!”
    We get it – running a business is more than a full time job. Just like retraining any habit (when has going to the gym for only a month worked?!), it takes a minute to think about things a little differently. After we help personalize a plan for your situation – we reinforce it. So in the first several months, as we identify and put solutions in place to help drive results quickly in your business, it’s also important to retrain and implement those tactics. Some business owners adapt more quickly, some need a little more time (and that’s ok!). Then, after the foundation is rock solid, we will work together to ignite that growth! Remember, no matter your speed, with us by your side you WILL see results in 17 wks that easily pay for our fees or it’s free!
  3. “Something Like This Must Be Expensive/I Don’t Think I Can Afford It!”
    While we like to think our services are pretty invaluable (and past clients agree), it’s important that we have options to help personalize where you are in your journey, as well as be up front with prices. Plus, remember everything we do has our exclusive 17 Week Guarantee – that we “Find Your Fee” in the savings and growth you achieve in the first 17 wks or it’s free! That’s how much we believe in you and our programs!

Most people select one of two categories:

1 on 1 Coaching – beginning at $1500 per month

THE BEST WAY to 100% personalize the over 300 profit-building strategies we can unleash to make your business thrive! Looking at core areas to improve your current business (margins, expenses, structure, etc) and building on that strong foundation work to expand and grow (new consumers, team training, marketing tactics, etc).

  • 100% personalized plan customized to your needs and goals
  • 30 min intro meeting to learn your goals and opportunity areas
  • (2) 60 min personalized sessions (bi-weekly) that drive immediate and meaningful changes and results
  • (2) 30 min touchpoints (opposite bi-weekly) to reinforce topics after sessions to stay on track with the plan
  • ad-hoc sessions to help you work through issues when unexpected situations arise
  • BONUS! GrowthCLUB Quarterly Workshop – Develop the next 90- day action plan for your business + network with other fellow business owners ($500 Quarterly Value!)


Group Coaching – beginning at $500 per month

Perfect for many people that want to be around like-minded individuals going through similar growth goals. Focused on targeting the most likely and common areas of growth that need improvements in your business, while still allowing for a dynamic structure that you can ask questions and network with other business owners.

  • Intimate class environment (capped at 6 owners/group)
  • (1) 30 min 1:1 intro meeting to learn your goals and opportunity areas
  • (4) 1-hour weekly group sessions/month that drive immediate change and results
  • (1) 30 min 1:1 monthly check-in with a Coach to dive deeper into any areas that are more personal to your business

The end result is we can help drive more customers, more time and more profit.

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